How can culture create conflicts and peace?

It can never be denied that Religion and Culture are sometimes the root and cause of conflicts among individuals with different cultural world. As time passes by people usually cultivate what we call the bridging gap that comes in different several ways. However the mere and vivid fact is that even how much effort is exerted by others, some things especially in the field of culture especially in issues among religious group of the world affects the bridge and eventually wrecked it up.

Technology nowadays is truly very influential. You can post your comments, feelings, ideas and whatever you wanted to beat out. In such manner, the faction is developed. We cannot deny that we are having different groups and mainly by our cultural and religious beliefs or practices.

But wait up for more because the world is now so modern. Yes, culture and the religion are still a factor for creating some conflicts in politics, showbiz, and the whole society mainly.

Today, no more. Peace.

After the long period of time we wasted in quarreling and blaming each other. As time passes by we grew up and became more matured (others only, not all) We became more refined and learned our boundaries. Differences and similarities are killed. We are making history from the history we all called our past. The agony of the sorrowful memories as brothers and sisters kill each other. Blood splashed through the brown rich land where our own God have threw up to us as a blessing (although we call Him in different ways).

Today is the Papal Visit of Pope Francis, and he is planning to strengthen the camaraderie of different religious leaders. Let  us remember that we people are the son and daughters of God and we must unite not just for the better but for the best as well.

Now tell me who is afraid of conflicts if everyone of us is determined to achieve peace?



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